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Why Sell Options?

Have you ever heard it said that most futures options expire worthless? The Chicago Mercantile Exchange estimates that over 80% of all options held through expiration will expire worthless.

That means, at expiration, the seller of those options keeps those premiums as profit. So why aren’t you experiencing the benefits of selling options instead of buying them?

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About OptionSellers.com

If you are a high net worth investor, you are probably feeling frustrated by today’s volatile markets, low yields and uncertain economic outlook. Growing your wealth is not as simple as it used to be. If this is you, you are about to be introduced to a concept that will change the way you view investing forever. And never has it been more relevant than in today’s investment landscape. Regardless of how you arrived here, you have finally found the place that can relieve you of the burden of walking through today’s market minefield. But it will require a radical change of thinking on your part.

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OptionSellers.com has focused exclusively on Selling Commodity Options since 1999. We have helped high net worth investors position in any and every type of market using this one, simple option trading strategy. You can benefit directly from this experience before ever becoming a client. Here you can learn how to Really sell options – not the garbled greek equations or investment “fluff” passed off as “education” by so many other investment websites. Our McGraw-Hill Classic Book – The Complete Guide to Option Selling (2nd Edition) is available to you here at a significant discount to bookstore prices. You will also find several FREE proprietary resources here not available anywhere else- online or off. These include a trial subscription to our client newsletter The Option Seller, as well as video tutorials and timely blog updates.

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At some point after reviewing these materials, you may wish to begin allocating investment capital to an option selling strategy. If you are a high net worth investor, you may qualify to work personally with the option selling expert himself – by opening an account through our firm. OptionSellers.com founder James Cordier, along with his books, have been featured on nearly every major financial media in the United States, including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg Television, Fox Business News, Morningstar Advisor and Barrons, just to name a few. If you believe in working only with real expertise, you are in the right place. This site will let you learn more about us, the qualifications for our accounts, allow you to review the media that have featured us and of course, contact us .


  • Have you noticed the decline in prices at the pump recently? The average price for regular grade gasoline in the U.S. has fallen 20 cents in the past month alone.  During this same period, the price of crude oil has fallen from the 2013 peak of $110 per barrel, to $101 per
  • July arabica coffee futures on ICE added 2 cents, or 1.6 percent, to close at $1.2945 per lb, the front-month contract's largest daily rise since early May.

    The weak dollar and short-covering were behind the gains, dealers said."The market was technically oversold after coffee fell 15 percent. Traders are moving the market today," said James Cordier, principal and founder of Optionsellers.com, referring to a steep, three-week drop to a more than three-year low of $1.2505 per lb last week.
  • Production in Florida, one of the world's top orange growers, has been severely diminished by a disease called citrus greening - or Huanglongbing - which causes fruit to fall prematurely to the ground, said James Cordier, president and founder of Optionsellers.com. He said: "This years Florida crop is one of the smallest in a decade."
  • ICE raw sugar futures edged up on Friday, finding marginal support from short-covering after prices touched an almost three-year low during the previous session as the cane harvest in top exporter Brazil ramped up, dealers said................."We're still in this downtrend, (but) it's very reasonable to expect some profit-taking (by shorts) after this week," said James Cordier, principal and founder of Optionsellers.com.
  • While prices have rebounded recently, traders say gold is unlikely to revisit last October's highs.
    "I think the trend has changed," said James Cordier, president of Liberty Trading Group. "The days of $1,800 gold are over."


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